Ideas for using your Engi cards

Using your Engi cards is as individual as you are and there is no right or wrong way to use them. However, here’s a few ideas to get you started. After shuffling the pack, hold an intention in your mind or a thought for which you would like to have some insight. Spread the cards out or just randomly pick three cards from the pack and lay them out in front of you.


A simple idea is to imagine that they represent time, so the first card is past, middle present and third card is future (you can also use five cards in a similar way). They are not fortune-telling cards, it’s a way of tapping into what’s already in your mind and helping you clarify your thoughts, think of it as a tool. When you look at the cards, so they trigger any memories or bring up any thoughts? Can you relate it to the question you had in your mind? It doesn’t matter if they don’t, just enjoy looking at them and contemplating.
Alternative options to PAST   PRESENT   FUTURE could be REVIEW   REFLECT   RENEW
Review- look back at your past tendencies, do you see a pattern of behaviour, way of reacting to situations or continually attracting the same type of problem/ situation / person?

Reflect - what impact does that have on you, your life situation, your happiness or well being?

Renew - what new determination, action, direction, attitude will you take to move your life toward greater happiness, fulfilment, empowerment?


Another way to use them is to lay them all out in rows in front of you, e.g. four rows of 13 and then turn one over at a time, as you contemplate or look to gain insight. Or, you could do the same thing and use them as an icebreaker, if you are in a group and each person picks a card and says a few words about what pops into their mind. We hope you enjoy using the Engi cards as much as we do.