Journalling with engi

Writing a journal is a therapeutic way of capturing thoughts and insights, which often spring to mind but are rarely recorded. Journalling can be as simple as writing a few words and, when combined with insights revealed using engi cards, it can be a powerful journey of discovery.

When journalling, remember you can write, draw or even use your journal like a scrapbook, inserting cuttings or even pressed flowers, i.e. whatever is meaningful to you. Whilst technology can be seen as a great leap forward, the act of sitting and writing by hand uses different parts of the brain and helps you connect in a deeper way with your thoughts and observations.

Whether you keep a daily, weekly or occasional journal does not matter, just remember to put a date on the page, so you can reflect back over time. However you use your journal is entirely personal and we wish you great joy as you embark on your engi journalling journey.